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What we do

Drawing from our European heritage, our name derives from the words Casa (house) and fabrica (factory). Here at Casafabrica we strive to enhance your environment and to achieve a perfect fusion between traditional and modern. Sustainable in design, yet sympathetic to its original character, we create spaces that improve and enrich your lifestyle.

With a spirit of cooperation, Casafabrica will ensure that we create your ultimate dream home, with your personal touch. We offer the complete end to end process to residential and commercial building which encompasses Design, Construction and Project Management.

At Casafabrica we believe in an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, which ultimately leads to a smooth and hassle free build. Our clients are our greatest inspiration, always at the heart of everything we do.


Building Design

  • Bring together consultants to create project team (Planners, Hydraulic Consultants, Landscape Consultants, Engineers, Geotechnical consultants, Arborists, Heritage consultants etc.).
  • Consult with our architects to fully understand your needs and desires and develop ideas into plans.
  • Review and facilitate design issues and modifications with project team.

Interior design

  • Develop conceptual ideas for interiors as per client’s needs and wants according to purpose and functionality of space.
  • Provide Finishes, Fixtures and Equipment schedule.
  • Prepare Conceptual drawings to tender stage for all joinery and installation and fabrication of all items.
  • Inspect and supervise tradespeople to ensure that quality and safety standards, costs and deadlines are met.


  • Preparing submissions to Council.
  • Tracking and liaising with consultants and council.
  • Obtaining consents and approvals.


At Casafabrica we believe in an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, which ultimately leads to a smooth and hassle free build. This is done by defining the three distinct stages of your project:

  • Pre-Construction: This stage starts from conception and design development to lodgement of applications and approvals to tendering and costings; all of which will allow the build to commence on time and on budget.
  • Construction: All trades people are selected from our team of approved and accredited contractors and by managing all aspects of the build, we deliver a high quality and efficient project.
  • Post-Construction: Once practical completion is achieved and the occupation certificate is attained, the project is ready for handover. We will continue to provide assistance to our clients in this period and maintain a close relationship to make sure they are completely satisfied.


Our Project Management services include:

  • Project Management: The main objective of project management is to ensure the project is on time and on budget. We Work actively with our consultants and contractors to ensure a strict project schedule is upheld. By confirming all tasks are properly conducted by all contractors we maintain a high level of quality and safety.
  • Cost Management: Once we have negotiated quotes and tenders, the cost of works is finalised. We then plan and maintain a system of cost control and cash-flow, creating an effective and transparent communication with the client on all matters relating to budget which is done through regular reporting during the life of the project.
  • Contract Administration: All tradespeople are selected from our team of approved and accredited contractors. We analyse, award and administer contracts and ensure contracts are maintained and upheld. We run regular site visits with contractors and address any construction queries should they arise.