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Casafabrica is a Multidisciplinary design + build practice. We offer full turnkey project services including project management, architecture and construction services. Our extensive experience in project managing numerous terrace projects has allowed us to build a brand as ‘Terrace Experts’ defining our niche in the design + build market.

Casafabrica specialise in the restoration and construction of residential dwellings located in and around Sydney’s historical conservation areas. We provide a complete end to end range of architectural, interior design, planning, project management and construction services resulting in an efficient and hassle free build from concept to completion.

What drives Casafabrica is the ability to assist our clients in achieving a perfect fusion between conservation and modernity. Over the years, we have placed great emphasis on unique and innovative designs, incorporating our own signature style with the individual needs of each client – resulting in the distinctive Casafabrica look.

Design + Build

“We Design it, We Build it.” The Benefits of Design + Build

Cost Savings The cost of all aspects of your project are considered early in the process, giving you a clear understanding on cost from the beginning. Our project management and architecture team ties both design + build to ensure the cost savings outcome is achieved with-out compromising quality. With an in-house architecture team, we are able to successful design and construct your project.

Improved communications Simultaneously developing the design parameters, build methodology and budgetary goals of a project allows effective communication and execution between all parties. Understanding the parameters of your project together with the design and build team from conception is crucial in achieving these goals.

Increased Accountability – One Entity Casafabrica, is accountable for the entire project. When the same group designs the project, manages the project also builds the project, much more attention is given to pricing & scheduling in the design phase allowing clients to have a better understanding of what the desired outcomes of the project are.

Quality and on time Delivery With all the aspects of the project streamlined into our proven 6 step process and through one point of contact, it allows projects to be completed much more efficiently reducing the design and construction timeline. The result is a quality product that’s on time and on budget.

Sustainable Conservation

We share a responsibility to help preserve areas of historical significance, which enrich lives and create a connection to the community, past, present and to the future.

In doing so, we have an opportunity to bring in change by incorporating sustainable building designs and construction practices which create structures, and use processes that are environmentally responsible, and resource efficient.

Our role at Casafabrica is not just to understand the social, cultural and economic relevance of existing buildings, or to celebrate their heritage, but to add value in terms of design, materials, and work towards sustainable conservation!

Casafabrica Live

i-Consult Process

Casafabrica offers you a complimentary consultation process to help you understand your project needs and requirements. We guide you through the initial design stage, resulting in a proposal that includes drawings, conceptual designs and preliminary costings.

Contact us today to arrange your obligation free consultation!

Initial consultation and site visit to understand clients’ needs and wants and full scope of projects requirements.

The proposal includes drawings, conceptual design, images and outlines our inspiration and vision

Review scope of works and estimated costs. Understand the process and how to proceed.

Contractors & Tradesmen

We are looking for the best people. The kind of people who won’t take any jobs, but jobs that will challenge them!

Our aim is to develop strong, cooperative and long-lasting relationships ensuring that all parties trust the process and are happy to commit again in the future.

If you want to be part of our team of experts contact us today.

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Projects Map

Our goal is to provide our clients with smart and sustainable design, creative and unique interiors and ultimately a quality product through our efficient and professional services. Our projects are mainly located in the Eastern Suburbs of Paddington, Woollahra, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Edgecliff, Bondi, Bronte, Randwick, Clovelly.
Casafabrica HQ

1/5-11 Boundary Street Paddington NSW 2011

New South Head Road, Vaucluse

New South Head Road, Vaucluse NSW, Australia

Stephen Street, Paddington

Stephen Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Windsor St, Paddington

Windsor Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Hopewell St, Paddington

Hopewell Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Hopetoun St, Paddington

Hopetoun Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Griffith Avenue, Castle Cove

Griffith Avenue, Castle Cove NSW, Australia

Perouse Road, Randwick

Perouse Road, Randwick NSW, Australia

Sutherland Street, Paddington

Sutherland Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Palace St, Petersham

Palace Street, Petersham NSW, Australia

Cascade St, Paddington

Cascade Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point

Lower Fort Street, Dawes Point NSW, Australia

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