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What We Do

What We Do

We Design it! We Build it.

Casafabrica provides a holistic approach through our ability to act as development managers for clients. This enables us to be in control of all aspects of the build resulting in an efficient and high quality build from concept to completion. Our competitive advantage is derived from our team who possess effective skills in the following areas;

  1. Project/Development Management
  2. Architecture and Design Services
  3. Interior Design
  4. Costings/Estimating and Contract Administration
  5. Construction Management
  6. Construction Delivery

Our Design + Build approach allows us to achieve:

  • Design Excellence – Creating innovative solutions
  • Ability to become integral partners with our clients from concept to construction
  • Ability to design projects that achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Our experience in heritage structures provides us with the ability to understand terrace projects and understand the design and build challenges we face and how well we can adapt solutions to resolving them, always in the best interest our clients. Our range of in-house services encompassing project management, planning & approvals, architecture services, interior design and construction and by using our proven six step process, we offer a concept to completion approach, ensuring we always deliver a quality project.

Our clients are our greatest inspiration, always at the heart of everything we do. We believe in honest and transparent relationships which ultimately lead to a smooth and hassle free build. With a spirit of collaboration, we strive to enhance the environment you live in, ensuring we create your dream home with spaces that improve and enrich your lifestyle.

Our Services

We are Architects. We are Interior Designers. We are Project Managers. We are Builders.

The Process

Our “concept to completion” process ensures we always have control over the course of your project. By using our proven and streamlined 6 step process we deliver your home in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Design, Concept & Development 1
Design - Concept & Development

Meet our architect and design team to define needs and projects requirements. We perform design analysis to evaluate the current building and surrounding conditions, and develop drawings and design concepts in line with the Local Environmental Planning & Development Policies.

Planning Approvals 2
Planning and Approvals

We conduct a final review of drawings and consultants’ reports to ensure a smooth journey through council. Once the applications are lodged, we monitor the approval process and periodically liaise with council addressing any items that may arise. Once we obtain the Construction Certificate, we maintain correspondence with relevant regulatory bodies.

Specifications & Schedules 3
Specifications and Schedules

Based on the approved drawings, a comprehensive scope of works is completed with detailed specifications eliminating all assumptions at this early stage. Transparency is important for you, the client, to understand exactly what is being built and the costs associated. This also leads to a smoother and efficient build.

Finishes, fixtures and Equipment schedules are finalised along with Lighting, Electrical and Joinery Details to satisfy the clients’ initial brief and approved design concepts.

Costings & Contracts Administration 4
Costings and Contract Admin

Once specifications and schedules have been finalised, a detailed Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is produced and the total cost of construction is determined. Client sign-off occurs on the final terms of the main contract, and Home Owners Warranty is issued.

Construction 5

OH&S – Occupational Health and Safety requirements are implemented and monitored.

Project Management – Our Project team will maintain and monitor a detailed construction schedule, and ensure the Scope of Works is properly executed by each individual trade contractor. Regular site meetings are held with all stakeholders including the clients.

Financial Administration – We manage and maintain the project budget and cash flow and communicate to the principal on all matters relating to the budget to ensure all works completed as per budget.

Handover 6

Practical Completion is called when the building works are complete as per scope of works and verified by Casafabrica and the Private Certifier. We then facilitate the issuing of the Occupation Certificate.

At Handover, Casafabrica issue a Maintenance Manual, which includes details of care and upkeep as well as the manuals and copies of relevant certificates.

Post Handover, we perform Quality Control, ensuring our clients’ expectations are exceeded.