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“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” Zaha Hadid


At Casafabrica we believe in an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, which ultimately leads to a smooth and hassle free build.

Our in house construction team with an extensive collective experience, along with our core network of proven sub-contractors, allow us to ensure that each project is allocated a dedicated team through the building process. This helps to establish a high level of trust and to enjoy a personal building experience from start to finish.

We actively work with our consultants and contractors to ensure a strict project schedule is upheld and major bench marks are met. By confirming all tasks are properly conducted by all contractors we maintain a high level of quality and safety.

Once practical completion is achieved, and we attain the occupation certificate, the project is ready for handover. We will then continue to provide assistance to our clients in this period, and maintain a close relationship to make sure they are completely satisfied.




Efficiency drives sustainability, and in order to minimise the overall ecological impact of each build, our designs aim to reduce environmental impact.

We do so by considering the entire life cycle of each element that goes into the build, by consuming fewer natural resources, using more sustainable materials, and by repurposing and recycling materials and minimising the generation of waste wherever possible.