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About Us

Casa (house) + fabrica (factory) = Casafabrica

About Us

Casafabrica specialise in the restoration and construction of residential dwellings located in and around Sydney’s historical conservation areas. We provide a complete end to end range of architectural, interior design, planning, project management and construction services resulting in an efficient and hassle free build from concept to completion.

What drives Casafabrica is the ability to assist our clients in achieving a perfect fusion between conservation and modernity. Over the years, we have placed great emphasis on unique and innovative designs, incorporating our own signature style with the individual needs of each client – resulting in the distinctive Casafabrica look.

The Team

Lee Panoyan

Managing Director

Lee’s career in the exciting world of design, construction and project management started over 20 years ago. His great passion for different cultures and his constant travels across the globe have enriched his ideas, which, together with his studies in construction, land economics and project management, have allowed him to bring to life unique projects. His strong focus on vision, planning, management and execution are the fundamental characteristics upon which he relies to execute all projects effectively.

“Our unique and original designs break through convention and go beyond trends, ensuring timeless modernity and innovation”

Luis Valles

Operations Manager

Luis is a Director, co-founder and the Operations Manager of Casafabrica. He manages the day to day operations of Casafabrica, its people and resources. He is responsible for the establishment of practices, policies, procedures and systems to reduce costs, improve the quality of our products and services, complying with government regulations and in general to increase the efficiency of our operations.

Hernan Alvarez

Senior Architect

Hernan brings over 20 years experience in the industry and extraordinary collaborations with international and national Architectural firms in high-end, heritage and multi-unit residential projects. He differentiates himself by combining creativity and practicality to produce appealing, versatile and feasible Architectural designs that exceed their function and integrate sustainability seamlessly.

Corporate Culture


Our company constantly grows and evolves. It changes and responds to external and internal influences; that’s why we think our culture is our genetic code.

Our team are our best assets, they make us stand out from the competition, and as a company, we pride ourselves on working with passion, respect, honesty and integrity.

Equality, inclusion and diversity bring us many challenges, skills, experiences, ideas and perspectives. Our strategy goes beyond the legal compliance, we take our differences as part of our strength.

Our team can proudly say that there is a piece of them in every home we build!

Our Values

At Casafabrica, we are committed to values that define who we are and what we stand for. These help us chart a path for the future, and remind us of  who we are in the present. These values support our vision, they shape our culture, and unite our team and clients.

Sustainable Conservation


We share a responsibility to help preserve areas of historical significance, which enrich lives and create a connection to the community, past, present and to the future.

In doing so, we have an opportunity to bring in change by incorporating sustainable building designs and construction practices which create structures, and use processes that are environmentally responsible, and resource efficient.

Our role at Casafabrica is not just to understand the social, cultural and economic relevance of existing buildings, or to celebrate their heritage, but to add value in terms of design, materials, and work towards sustainable conservation!