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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci


The New South Wales Statutory Planning system is very complex and encompasses numerous Local and State level environmental and planning instruments.

We provide expert service and advice in the preparation and submission of documents such as Development Applications, Construction Certificates and Occupation Certificates, which form the basis of the assessment process for all applications lodged.

We not only interpret these documents, but we complete and submit them to Council, then track the progress of your applications as we liaise with consultants and council members to obtain consents and approvals.


Heritage and Conservation


Places of cultural significance enrich people’s lives, often providing a deep connection to the community and the landscape, as well as to the past and to the lived experiences. Places of cultural significance reflect the diversity or our communities telling us about who we are and the past that has formed us and the Australian landscape. They are irreplaceable and precious and must be conserved.

We understand heritage, our role at Casafabrica is not just to understand the social, cultural and economic relevance of existing buildings, or to celebrate their heritage; we add value in terms of design, materials and sustainability, adapting and conserving their heritage.